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A week well spent

Hi all!

Okay, I’m going to be honest…I am usually not a fan when a blogger begins a post by lamenting about how long it’s been since they last posted. I can however confess that currently, I have the urge to do that. Though, I will refrain since I’m not sure anyone really benefits from that.

Last week was pretty rad for a number of reasons – I got to enjoy two networking events, (one hosted by NAWBO-OC, and the other through the Irvine Chamber of Commerce Emerging Professionals), and then on Friday, some of my colleagues and I took a day trip to UCSD, for a regional Career Services Institute. My favorite part about Friday(aside from seeing how gorgeous UCSD’s Career Services Center is) was meeting colleagues and learning about best practices from all over our region. There were some great takeaways as well….I’ve compiled my top highlights for your reading pleasure:

  • Some campus career centers are darn creative in how they work with employers!  There were about 12 employer relations professionals brainstorming together in one of the afternoon sessions, and I am really jazzed to get the notes from that session.
  • Experts in our field seem to be (calmly) debating a number of ideas about the future direction of career services. Career Fairs, Social Media, and personalization are some of the hot topics garnering attention right now.
  • During a discussion designed to help us explore our career paths, the concept of how “the grass is always greener” came up. One attendee added that she’d heard the quote re-stated to say “The grass is always greener where you water.” Love it. I wish I could credit the person who said it, but sadly I was sitting behind her and never caught a look at her name tag. Side note: a quick Google shows me that this quote is actually all over the web without a clear citation….so, if anyone knows who actually said it first, let me know!

    This is me, pretending to look like I presented.


Whew. Like someone famous once said…it was a good day!


Staff Retreat, by the numbers…and 2 pictures of a tower I didn’t build

Happy Thursday, friends!

I don’t like going this long without posting, but I hope you agree that I have a good reason this time! For the past two days, our staff has been in full-blown retreat mode. We’ve been reviewing Career Center efforts and accomplishments for the past academic year, and looking at plans for the upcoming one. We also inserted a few fun activities, for good measure. So, to summarize the past two days, here is a snapshot of what went down…(some numbers are educated guess-timates)

  • 14…people
  • 6…presentations
  • 45+… slides shared
  • 6…towers built
  • 1…hula hoop spun
  • 25+…new ideas shared (more on that later – some of them will directly affect my work with employers!)
  • 1…exciting announcement about our future leadership
  • 14…bottles of bubbles distributed
  • 1,000…bubbles blown

I’ll post some photos once our fabulous marketing guru Joanne uploads the shots she took on her good camera.  Though for the time being, I had to share an accomplishment of some of my colleagues. The structure below was about 5 feet tall (!!!!) and was literally constructed by thin, 1-page brochures.  It seemed to defy gravity, and it’s still standing in our training room a day later.


If you think that pictures of the tower are interesting, just you wait. Let’s just say that this retreat included dance routines, blindfolds, and marshmallows.  And if you think that pictures of the tower are not at all interesting, well…sorry about that.  The next ones will be better.

 Until next time!