Daily Archives: February 13, 2012

How about letting the schools visit you?

Last week, a media and entertainment company invited me and a number of other representatives from local schools up to their campus for an afternoon of introductions and discussions about their internship programs. They certainly weren’t the first organization to do something like this (I’ve attended half a dozen or so other similar events in my year here at UCI), but they were the most recent, so I wanted to bring it up to all of you. The reason? I’ve found that these events can be a great use of time.

The agenda looked something like this:

  • Started with a few minutes of chatting & networking. A few trays of snacks were set out.
  • HR team introduced themselves and played a short video about their organization
  • Other Intern Supervisors in the room introduced themselves
  • School representatives introduced ourselves
  • HR team gave a short informational presentation about their internship opportunities
  • The HR team then facilitated a short discussion about how we can work together and help interns succeed.

Bam! 90 minutes, done. In that short window of time, their organization successfully informed multiple universities about their internship opportunities, and made us aware of their policies, procedures, and recommendations for students who apply. We also saw their space, met a number of employees, and got a sense of their culture. I am sure that all of us went back to our campuses discussing what we learned (I know I did), which I think would make it a successful event in their eyes.

Admittedly, I don’t know about all the planning that went into it. The particular company I visited last week was organized (right down to pre-printed nametags) so I’m assuming that they put some time into. That said, my guess is that is was still more efficient than visiting all of our schools individually.  For those organizations that are recruiting a heavy (or steady) volume of interns/recent grads from a number of schools in their region, I think this type of event could work well.

As always, I‘m open to brainstorming or hearing more ideas – just let me know! You can find me at dena.o [at] uci.edu