Daily Archives: January 6, 2012

Jumping into action…

All right, since we got back on Tuesday, the following has occurred:

  • First draft of  employer relations newsletter text is DRAFTED in now in the capable and creative hands of our Marketing Team. I am VERY much looking forward to sharing this with everyone! 
  • 3 off-site events/appointments
  • 2 photo shoots (more on that in a sec)
  • 1 potluck (I can share my bruschetta recipe, if anyone is interested)
  • And, the chance to connect with some MPACE friends & colleagues about some new projects. Exciting stuff!

The other good news is that I have some more time in the office next week to compile some quality content for all of you, which I’m looking forward to sharing.

Okay, so about the photo shoots…the first one was very formal and for the new Career Center website (which launches soon). The Second Photo Shoot of the Day was impromptu and in celebration of:

Our Happy New Year present from the Management Team!

for which I was very excited

And I mean, really excited.

But I wasn't the only one!

Now we'll be even more coordinated and easy to find out future Career Center events!

However, at Career Fairs, you usually won’t find us jumping or casually peeking out from behind trees. We usually get that out of the way in the morning before employers start arriving. Just Kidding!

Happy Friday!

PS – Okay, here are outtakes, just because I like you guys…

This is what happens when you try to do a photo shoot in under eight minutes.