Marshmallows, rulers and mantras…oh my!

Hello again!  Now that we are back and settled from last week’s retreat, here are some key take-aways that will directly affect my work with employers and community members.  You know what that means…ch-ch-ch-changes!
– Summer committee projects were proposed, SEVERAL of which will involve employer relations (YES!)

– Social media topics were introduced to the rest of staff (relevant because you are currently reading one of our newest endeavors)

– Leadership team shared our mantra for the coming year, with emphasis on intentionality, attitude and transition

– Numbers, numbers, numbers. I now have a good sense of where we’ve been this year (especially before I arrived) and a better idea of our direction.

That said, here are some visuals of what we did for those two days.

Hard at work, Day 1

Scoping out our competition on Day 2 - Office Olympics. It was SERIOUS business.

Me going for the gold during Office Olympics. Sadly, there was no Flonkerton* event, but the Ruler Toss was an excellent substitute.

Towers, towers, obvious use of pipe cleaners, paper cups and marshmallows, right?

Smiles...or, proof that the Fun Committee's labor paid off!

*Flonkerton, as seen on The Office in 2007.  This is officially the first outdated TV reference in a live.from.oc post, it’s likely not going to be the last.

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