Let the conferencing begin…

Live from OC Grapevine, Texas!

Howdy friends! I apologize that for this week, Live from OC will not be an accurate blog name. I will in fact be live from Texas until Friday. Can I get away with saying Yee-haw? I hope so. Yee-haw!

The NACE conference has officially started, and I’ll be heading to the First-timers’ reception in just a few minutes.  By the looks of the conference brochure, come Friday I’ll have attended multiple sessions, a couple of socials, eaten a lot of food and hopefully learned a ton.

Below* is a picture of the view from my balcony. The Gaylord Texan is not shy in its décor. I briefly considered taking a picture of myself on the balcony with the camera timer, but I decided against it since there’s really no where to set the camera that doesn’t seem sketchy, seeing as I am not even close to the bottom floor.  If this hotel is any indication, things are indeed bigger here.

Gotta go…need to see if I have time to pick up a pair of boots before my first session!


*Sadly, my browser is not cooperating with my picture upload. THIS is the closest thing I could find to my view – you’ll definitely still get the idea.

One response to “Let the conferencing begin…

  1. Haven’t written any bogs yet, but might later! Have fun!

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